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Salto (Set Automatic Link To)[edit]

This is a simple extension for KompoZer

Once installed, you can enjoy it this way :

1. Select one word

2. Choose « Set Automatic Link To » in the context menu

3. Choose the service you wish. Currently : Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Google Maps and IMDB are available

4. Done

Screenshot: Easy Link Addition


  • In addition, the sentence « Link to [service] » is set in the 'title' attribute
  • It is recommended to check the page you are linking to. You can do that easily choosing « Open Link in a new tab » in KompoZer context menu
  • The language of the target page on Wikipedia depends on your locale (en or fr currently)
  • The javascript code is a sloppy adaptation of Captain Caveman's code for CreateNvuTitle extension. Thanks to Kazé for having cleaned and improved it.
  • There is no automatic update nor guarantee that this extension will not crash your system. Use at your own risk.

Available locales thanks to BabelZilla Translators

  • Danish (da-DK) by Joergen
  • Korean (ko-KR) by wtspout
  • Polish (pl) by Wareczek
  • Portuguese/Brazil (pt-BR) by humbertosartini
  • Serbian (sr-RS) by DakSrbija
  • Chinese simplified (zh-CN) by BruceH
Works with KompoZer 0.8+
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