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This is a plain and simple lightweight extension. It helps you to get translation suggestions from this brilliant site and service to be found here : Many thanks to Jacek Śliwerski!

The extension adds a context menu item "Open-Tran".

Here is a 3 step guide to use it:

1. Select an English word or sentence (pertaining to the Open Source apps vocabulary)

2. Click on "Open-Tran" in the context menu

3. There is no step 3. The Translation suggestions are already available in a new tab

Select and right-click

Please note:

  • This extension has no locale structure but is available for more than 80 languages. The lang setting of your browser is automatically detected.
  • It is compatible with
    • Firefox: 1.0 — 3.5
    • Flock: 0.4 — 1.0

(Size: 4 Kb)