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Manta (Manage Title Attribute)[edit]

This extension helps you create and edit more easily a text for a tooltip ("title" attribute) with KompoZer.

It is a simple port to KompoZer of the old (and now deprecated) CreateNvuTitle extension provided by Captain Caveman .


When you wish to add a tooltip to a word or image, select the element, right-click and choose "Add/Edit tooltip". A little prompt window opens, enter the text you wish. (Remember, due to the limitation of the title attribute, you cannot enter a text longer than 80 characters). If there is already a tooltip, you can edit it.

Select and right-click
Entering text for the tooltip
The tip is visible on hover

The code of this handy extension has been made by Martijn Kooij aka Captain Caveman (his other extensions)

Version: 0.1 Compatibility: KompoZer 0.8+

D o w n l o a d
(Size: 6 Kb)