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gTrans (Google Translate Widget Addition)[edit]

This is a simple extension for KompoZer that lets you insert easily a Google Translate Widget on top of your document.

Once installed, you can enjoy it this way :

1. In the main menu goto Insert > Smart Widgets > Google Translation Widget

2. Click. Script tags are visible on your conception page

3. Once online your page will display a translation div to visitors with other languages (Note that nothing will be displayed if your are browsing a eg. French page with a French useragent. That makes sense)

Screenshot: New menu item
Screenshot: Inserted script tags
Screenshot: The online page for visitors
Screenshot: Google translation (not very good but so fun sometimes)


  • Thanks to Kazé for code snippets and patience.
  • There is no automatic update nor guarantee that this extension will not crash your system. Use at your own risk.

Works with KompoZer 0.8+
D o w n l o a d
(Size: 5.4 Kb)